Episode 102

Twotter spotting, turbo irons, cheese chasing and a fish finger recommendation

2023, Episode 102   |   38 min

Plus airless tyres, the Betteridge Law of Headlines, high-jacking social media, Facebook memories, where Lidl and Aldi combine, toy car photos, talking at concerts, force fields, taking the Swiss out of Toblerone and computer printers

Our dedicated Twotter spotters have been spotting Twotters (Twin Otter aircraft) in Scotland again, always good to see.

Grumpy thinks the term AI is being used similarly to the way turbo was in the 1980s. Whether we get an AI iron remains to be seen.

Significant tyre replacer Lippy has found airless tyres, which would save her a fortune. Grumpy has a important message about the life of tyres.

Grumpy has discovered the Betteridge law of headlines: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” probably due to a poorly researched news story.

We talk about high-jacking social media threads with marketing messages and wonder whether they are clever responses or desperate marketing smarty-pants posts hoping to go viral?

Grumpy had a memory appear on Facebook that he had no recollection of and can’t find the memory. Lippy assures him that you can look back through the memories that Facebook presents.

We discuss the cheese rolling at Cooper Hill, which Lippy fancies a go at. Given her accident-proneness, it really isn’t a good idea.

Wife of Grumpy continually confuses Aldi and Lidl, and for this there is the term Lidaldi.

Grumpy was shocked to see a customer review on a packet of fish fingers and suspects it was misunderstood.

Sister of Grumpy has found an article about a Dad’s lockdown project taking photos of toy cars in interesting locations and has clocked up 1,000.

It turns out John Melloncamp has similar views to Grumpy about talking during concerts. Somehow we talk about Lippy changing to her married name.

Grumpy has a story about a force field that was created by accident in a 3M factory, however, can’t understand it sufficiently to explain it. Lippy thinks that maybe the magician she saw in Vegas (bebe) was using something similar.

Toblerone has moved production of some of their famous bars away from Switzerland and have been instructed to remove the image of the Matterhorn as not enough of the product is being made in Switzerland.

Computer printers are the bane of many peoples lives, however, it appears that gen-z have little experience of them and effectively shun them. Grumpy demonstrates his brand new second-hand printer and Lippy has a story about scanning and how she helped a colleague’s productivity.

Lippy has a work-related top tip and Grumpy has a nature related fun fact.

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