Episode 10

Job news from Lippy, what 3 words disagreement, a Christmas playlist from Davros, sheep coughs and top tips for a stress free Christmas

2020, Episode 10   |   31 min

Lippy has started her new job and it’s going well. Grumpy has a What 3 Words disagreement with an ex-colleague and yay or nay on electronic Monopoly.

Grumpy admits to having a chaotic CD collection and whilst he owns a copy of the very first Now That’s What I Call Music on cassette, hankers after a 8 track cartridge version.

We’ve found a photograph where Monopoly is being played on a roller coaster – how is that possible?

Playing Monopoly on a roller coaster

Meanwhile Davros has been in touch with his Christmas playlist, Lippy has finally watched Die Hard and someone has suggested it is a Harry Potter film.

Die Hard is a Harry Potter movie

We’ve discovered that a sheep’s cough is very strange and the phantom alarm clock has returned.

With Christmas Day one week away, we have some top tips for a stress free Christmas, Lippy & Grumpy style, including: cooking turkeys, sprouts, with a bit of help from Simon Rimmer.

Simon Rimmer on sprouts

Plus wrapping paper, de-cluttering, igloo building, don’t give Santa cheap brandy, bacon rolls at midnight and flaming Christmas pudding.

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