Episode 4

The perfect full English breakfast, post-it notes and do cats have owners or staff?

2020, Episode 4   |   43 min

Following on from last week, Lippy is turned down for the job, nevertheless has another interview this week. We toy with the idea of a jingle and chat about the Halloween trail and Lippy’s bowl of sweets, and Grumpy has another interesting Google Maps route.

Grumpy has found Festevil, a safari park drive though for those that like to be terrified and the shame flute, used to punish bad musicians in the Middle ages and Lippy has been listening to medieval renditions of contemporary music on Radio 1. Impressed with this news, Grumpy admits to liking a bit of Gregorian Chant, particularly on days when the grump-o-meter is pushing into the red.

The last lot of beans have been harvested from the Grumpy allotment and the Lippy sewing room has had a bit of a tidy up and organisation. Grumpy managed to get the last haircut appointment in the village before lockdown 2.

The components of a full English breakfast is a hot topic and surprising, with the exception of black pudding and the length of time to cook scrambled eggs, Lippy & Grumpy are in agreement. There is a bit of discussion about the nutritional value of black pudding and Grumpy announces that the best food he has ever tasted was a scotch egg cooked with black pudding. Baked beans are put under the microscope, with Lippy happy to swap beans for an additional sausage. Grumpy swears by James May’s method of cooking baked beans and then rambles on about his Dad’s fried bread, the Fry Up Police Facebook page and the Mega Breakfast Challenge at the Woodbridge Cafe in Guildford.

On to post-it notes and there is a lot of love for the paper and digital flavours, in fact Lippy describes digital post-it notes as “the best thing ever”, after Aldi, of course, and used them a lot when she was a wedding organiser. Grumpy thinks if you like a list, you should use lists for everything, freeing the brain to think up the sort of nonsense we talk about every week on this podcast and highly recommends Microsoft To Do.

A short discussion about whether paper post-it notes are recyclable (we don’t know) and Grumpy reveals a top tip for separating post-it notes.

Out final discussion is cats, do they have owners or staff? Somehow we managed to talk about intolerance to avocados and why you shouldn’t put very ripe pears in the juicer.

Back to the topic in hand, after a brief discussion about the Grumpy household’s ageing cat, Lippy explains why cats meow, cat defence training and why they bring in their prey.

Our podcast for the week is Fake Doctors, Real Friends by Zach Braff and Donald Faison where they discuss the TV show Scrubs offering an insight into the production of the show.

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