Episode 99

The Benner Cycle, 3D food printing, human arrows and vending machines

2022, Episode 99   |   34 min

​Plus, finding new music with Spotify, Lippy’s first aid kit, can you cook a chicken by slapping it, UK emergency alert and squeaky shoes

The Screaming Tomato has been in touch with information about Spotify suggesting new music to listen to and Grumpy find the playlist enhance button does what it says.

Orange Marshal 2 has some sensible suggestions for Lippy’s first aid kit, Davros, not so much.

Grumpy likes predictive analysis and is rather taken by the Brenner Cycle created in 1875. The cycle predicts years of panic and has hit some dates on the head. He’s going to do homework on the other dates.

We’re pretty excited about the prospect of printing food, now a possibility, not a dream.

Grumpy found an excellent story about some children laying down in the shape of an arrow to help a police search. The story made a lot more sense when Grumpy remembered to mention that a police helicopter was involved.

We love Penguin books and are excited to see a Penguin book vending machine has been installed. On the flip side the Japanese have been deploying bear meat vending machines. Lippy is going on a Japanese trip next year and will report back.

Ever wondered whether it’s possible to cook a chicken by slapping it? If so, we have the answer.

We’re quite intrigued about the UK emergency alert test on 23 April and get into a protracted conversation about mobile phone masts before moving on to the conspiracy theorists.

Grumpy narrowly avoids buying squeaky shoes for Lippy & Duckboy’s wedding, which wouldn’t have gone down well.

Lippy has a very specific top-tip and Grumpy has a geographical fun fact.

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