Episode 29

It’s Lippy’s birthday and some other stuff

2021, Episode 29   |   33 min

​It’s Lippy’s birthday week and don’t we know it.

The caterpillar cake battle has hotted up, however it turns out that neither the Aldi nor Marks & Spencer caterpillar cake is the best. Also a Barnsley market trader has launched a Colin the Counterfeiter cake, a snip at £1.99.

The magnolia debate rumbles on, it seems that the tree can have a combination of off-white and pink. The paint colour dates back to an amazing 1888, as found in the Thomaston Express.

Thomaston Express Friday morning 2 April 1880

Grumpy has had a bit of a nightmare with his postal ballot, he’s blaming it on over complicated instructions or is it old age?

There has been an epic Josh fight and the winner was a four year old (not nine as Lippy stated), now known as King Josh.

We have an interruption with a phone call from wife of Grumpy/mother of Lippy.

Davros, who has his birthday close to Lippy’s,  is impressed with the Aldi cake battle and has some predictions for the last episode of Line of Duty. Grumpy has an issue with use of the handbrake in the j-turn in last week’s LOD and is still laughing about the epic line by Ted Hastings. Lippy and Grumpy have theories of when the murderer appears in TV programmes. Lippy has a theory about Line of Duty, but having not watched it and not knowing any of the character names, struggles to explain it.

Line of Duty and the wee donkey

Our attention turns to Lippy’s birthday, who shares her birthday with William Shakespeare and a number of musicians Lippy hasn’t heard of. We talk about the birthday paradox, although Lippy doesn’t believe it. We managed to squeeze a few more birthday facts, including cake, before finishing off with food related Top Tip and Fun Fact.

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