Episode 13

Davros is back online, more apologising, eReaders, buying a house and Lippy has a very odd Top Tip

2021, Episode 13  |  34 min

A post Christmas haze caused a mix up with the upload on the last episode, sorry!

Davros back online thanks to the helpful people at Netgear. We’ve made a substitution to the Davros Christmas playlist on Spotify.

Grumpy spots a movie moment where a What 3 Words location doesn’t sound quite right and Lippy is on a diet that includes a fair amount of chocolate. With time on his hands, Grumpy has bought quite a lot of scrap metal from eBay, more recycled lamps and scrap art on the way.

We look at eReaders and discuss whether old Kindles are better than new and whether a full eReader weighs more than an empty one. This confuses Lippy to the point where she gets confused about the weight of chicken. After discussing whether books are better than eReaders, Lippy get confused about where you buy books and then wonders whether you could turn pages over using Alexa.

Lippy & Grumpy both agree that buying houses is very stressful and generally unpleasant. Lippy’s back on the house buying conveyor with a mixture of excitement and dread.

Grumpy reels off some facts and figures about house buying and realises he couldn’t affords the house he bought 24 years ago and reveals that a covenant on the land means he can’t hold a carnival in the garden, which begs the question  “what constitutes a carnival”

Lippy has a ridiculous top tip, where she would be better off using a splayd.

Grumpy’s fact is about Easter Island, is amazing and doesn’t involve sellotape.

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