Episode 103

Life lessons from Bond villains, can a spoon stop prosecco going flat, short naps and swallowing Lego

2023, Episode 103   |   39 min

We start with the sad news that Mother of Grumpy has passed away the day before her 91st birthday. Sad, nevertheless a relief as she was very ill.
We fess up to a couple of mistakes, Lippy claiming you can see memories older than today on Facebook and Grumpy thinking airlines were charging more if you printed your ticket.
Grumpy has the found the various names of John Melloncamp and Lippy is in awe of anyone that changes their name more than once.
Cranleigh Carnival was a hot and successful day and whilst we cancelled the fun dog show due to heat, some people were out in the middle of the day with their dogs. Not good.
Grumpy has a list of life lessons from Bond villains, and Lippy uses it as a tick list to see if she matches up.
If you could travel forwards or backwards in time, where would you go?
Lippy and Duckboy are planning a DIY project in the garden. Grumpy’s advice is to measure twice and cut once, and to take your time.
Following an afternoon of Aperol Spritz at Grumpy Towers and putting a spoon in the open bottle of prosecco, Grumpy investigates whether this keeps the bubbles in.
M&S are at it again with legal action over Percy Pigs.
Following a chance viewing of a video on The Gram of a panda falling out of a chair in a similar fashion to Lippy many years ago, Grumpy’s favourite animal is the panda. Somehow this leads to Grumpy demonstrating his Roy Kent impression.
Grumpy’s very excited about his trip to Le Mans Classic after initial booking three years ago.
Brief day time naps keep the brain healthy. What constitutes brief though? We find out why the iPhone has a nine minute snooze.
We’re impressed with Thomas de Mahy, who in 1790 pointed out and allegedly corrected, three spelling mistakes in his death warrant.
Six Australian A&E doctors, faced with many panicking parents or children that have swallowed Lego, decided to time how long it takes for the small bricks to pass through the body by swallowing bricks themselves. 2 days, is the answer.
Lippy has a baking top tip and Grumpy has a completely fun, fun fact
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