Episode 107

Radio terms, new TV and cutting sandwiches

2024, Episode 107   |   30 min
Plus, restoring old buildings, the development of Threads, Lippy’s utility room and Tunnock biscuits

One of Grumpy’s favourite topics, the use of over and out in films gets a upgrade to include the terms roger and wilco.

Another of Grumpy’s favourites, the definition of midnight, will not be discussed by Wife of Grumpy. Wise woman.

Restoring the Old Cottage Hospital building in Cranleigh.

Grumpy has been strong armed into replacing the 16 year old plasma screen at Grumpy Towers despite him maintaining the old one was perfect. Grumpy has a bit of a moan about setting up the new TV and for once Lippy agrees.

Thanks to Elon Musk (aka Space Karen)’s management of Twitter, Facebook accelerated the development of Threads and the way they achieved this is a good example of software development.

Lippy’s downstairs bathroom has been turned into an excellent utility room. Surprisingly Lippy is quite particular about washing and it turns out both Grumpy and Duckboy are discouraged from operating washing machines.

Following a van road trip where many were consumed, Grumpy is delighted to report that Tunnock Caramel biscuits are the same size they have always been.

We look at a brilliant line from Enemy of the State and a mystery about dead letter drops.

Grumpy has been shunned by one of his heroes, Mr Alan Partridge who has a different view of sandwich cutting. We both horrified by the arrangement of bread in a sandwich recently made by Wife of Grumpy.

No top tip from Lippy this week, and a rather old fun fact from Grumpy.

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