Episode 17

Grumpy has a bit of a rant, and then a bit more, missing appointments, Die Hard 94 and do cars fit in garages anymore

2021, Episode 17   |   51 min

Despite not being a car podcast, Grumpy waxes lyrical about the batteries and the price of the forthcoming Renault EV or roadman as Lippy calls it.

Davros suggests a tennis ball in the bird bath to stop it freezing up and now avoids cider at music festivals. Grumpy is reminded of his 1999 Le Mans trip a sunburnt individual and a pile of lager bottle, albeit neat.

Orange marshal 1 has had an appointment mishap, turning up at the cinema a day early (and didn’t have to go home). Grumpy has seen something similar on a train and Lippy had just seen a mega-tantrum at the blood bank.

Screaming Tomato suggests collecting Lippyisms, Grumpy has a list from when the kids were quite young. Grumpy reveals that Lippy has an unusual view on serving haggis on Burn’s Night.

Grumpy has a rant about the word influencer, he doesn’t the word although there’s no real basis for this and is it any different from sports sponsorship. A Guardian article didn’t help.

And then he goes onto the phrase “calm down”, has that every worked? Is it like putting a fire out with petrol? Lippy suggests “cheer up” is in the same league. Grumpy agrees. Some discussion, slightly confused, ensues about the “Keep Calm and …” messages.

Grumpy gets very excited about concept cars from the 1960’s. Lippy glazes over.

Irresistible is one of the best films Grumpy has seen in a long while, highly recommended by Grumpy and Mark Kermode, nevertheless not so from Rotten Tomatoes.

Private Eye has a lockdown film suggestion called Die Hard 94, where John McClane, wearing a shirt and shoes for a change, tries to avoid being spotted not wearing a mask , which has tickled Grumpy.

Lippy has had fraught few days, having been vaccinated last week, had trouble at the blood bank only after drinking the unpleasant blood thinner. Then the washing machine decided to turn the kitchen into a swimming pool.

A rambling discussion about garages and whether cars go in them anymore. We talk about Grumpy’s Dad pulling and pushing his car out and in of the garage, parking spaces in new builds, modern cars putting on weight, turning garages into rooms and escaped hamster.

We have a Lippy Top Tip and Grumpy Fun Fact.

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