Episode 58

A touch of deja vu, plastic eating bacteria, rogue vacuum cleaners and weird Olympic sports

2022, Episode 58   |  35  min

We’re back to our usual podcast format this week, with a mash-up of the episode that we recorded using the wrong microphone and some other going-ons.

Grumpy recommends the book 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings to complement nodcrafty moments.

Davros won an office quiz using an fun fact about mistletoe from our advent calendar. Unfortunately there wasn’t a prize.

We talk about the newest dragon in Dragon’s Den, Steven Bartlett, a very interesting chap with wise words.

There’s a lot of development around plastic eating bacteria. We’re very interested in this and have some questions. More research needed.

Grumpy’s on a plant based diet (including fish, so not strictly vegan) and is suffering with wind. Lippy has a cracking tofu recipe that Grumpy is keen to try.

We’ve come across a story of all you can eat food influencers live streaming from restaurants, and in particular one who has been banned from the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet.

The Apprentice is providing some cringing entertainment, in particular Lord Sugar’s one liners.

Lippy has a robotic vacuum cleaner and Grumpy has some tales of caution, including the possibility of nefarious activity.

The 1900s was a period of some unusual sports included in the Olympics, including motor boating.

Grumpy’s love of rallying, having waned over the last few years is picking up again with rule changes to the 2022 World Rally Championship.

Lippy’s new bathroom is well underway, with tiling starting this week, albeit two days late.

Lippy has a balloon arch top tip and Grumpy’s fun fact is the source of a saying.

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