Episode 108

Farwell to Steve Wright, new fences, incorrect postage and soup or sauce

2024, Episode 108   |   34 min

Plus, gentle podcasts, Apprentice winners, fun with Senior Rail Cards, Spinna d’Plates, Alan Partridge and Thames Water

Having faffed around on a cheaper recording platform, we’re back on Riverside, proving you get what you pay for.

We bid a sad farewell to radio genius Steve Wright.

Grumpy has found a kindred spirit for his annoyance for gentle podcasts that advertise loud podcasts waking night time listeners with a jolt.

We fans of the “The Rest is Entertainment” podcast with Richard Osman and Marina Hyde, well worth a listening.

Lippy had a Christmas card with the incorrect postage. Having paid the £1.20 fine, she was horrified to find out the culprit.

Grumpy Towers has a new fence after ten years of propping up and general concern that the whole lot was going to be blown down in a storm.

We’ve picked our Apprentice winners after the first episode, however Grumpy is a long way behind as he doesn’t have the strength to watch in the evening.

Turning 60 has a benefit in being able to buy a Senior Rail Card giving you money off train tickets. Grumpy has used his twice and has managed to spend £2 more than he would of done without the card and has narrowly avoided a fine.

Orange marshal 2 has morphed into Spinna d’Plates and we look forward to hear more about his adventures.

Partridge is back on the BBC!

What is the difference between soup and a sauce? You probably won’t find the answer here.

Grumpy has a rant at Thames Water.

Lippy has an ick and Grumpy a fun fact.

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