Episode 105

Outrageous refunds, slow supermarket lanes, buying Stonehenge and is it an ick?

2023, Episode 105   |   32 min

Plus, when did the 20th century start, McDonalds’ opening times, F1, munge, Doom, lap custard and bus routes

The Screaming Tomato has picked us up on a fun fact a few months ago where a boat was apparently in two different months, years and centuries at thee same time.

Grumpy get road rage every time he goes through Guildford due to the sign outside McDonalds.

Private Eye’s Funny Old World has details of an outrageous refund claim that caught Grumpy’s eye and made Lippy speechless.

A Dutch supermarket has opened a slow lane at supermarkets aimed at elderly people that would like a chat at they pack their shopping. A minor vocal interruption by Floyd leads to a quick pupdate.

Grumpy has another of his top ideas to make Formula 1 a bit less dull.

We’ve both re-watched Fresh Meat, a brilliant series about freshers at University, due to Grumpy using the name munge to describe a hash up of food when camping. Duckboy wasn’t taken by the name, however enjoyed the end result.

Doom is running on a McDonald’s kiosk, but not a hairdryer.

Otters, one of our favourite creatures, have been reintroduced in Oregon and California to support the eco-system and doing a fine job.

Grumpy gets quite crossed about talking during concerts and is horrified by reports of items thrown at musicians on the stage.

Lippy has been listening to “Is it just me?” on Radio 1 and there’s a lot of unusual family traditions out there. Grumpy explains the origin of the “lap custard”.

Grumpy has uncovered some information about Stonehenge and the gifting of the monument to the public. Shouldn’t cost more than a shilling to visit it.

Lippy has a new feature, is it an ick? Grumpy didn’t know what an ick was either.

Grumpy has a fun fact, that is immediately scuppered.

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