Episode 22

Fire marshal face-off, house hunting, growing teeth, car badges, rhubarb and exploding switches

2021, Episode 22   |   37 min

We’ve had some feedback about the role of the fire marshals in offices, and we’ll still not sure whether a fire marshal should be first or last out of a building. After last week’s handbrake story, a listener has pointed out that there isn’t a railway line running through Forestdale. Oops!

Grumpy has managed to turn up at the dentist at the correct time for root canal work, however, the dentist couldn’t find the root. Lippy admits she hasn’t been to the dentist in many years – not a good idea. After Grumpy talking about growing teeth, Lippy has a story about a tooth growing in a very odd place on the body.

Lippy has had a trying week with house hunting, and estate agents in particular, to the point of tears. Grumpy remembers when the whole family broke into an estate agent’s office by mistake.

Grumpy has a map showing each country’s main export and both are surprised and a little worried about how many countries rely on oil-based exports.

Much to Lippy’s dismay, Grumpy waffles on about the changes to car badges over the last few months, the new electric Audi and his desire for an old Fiat Panda 4×4.

Grumpy spent the weekend at the allotment moving rhubarb, which hopefully, Lippy won’t find, and attempting to repair the electric windows on an MX5, the latter resulted in a shower of small metal parts.

Lippy has a top tip to get the measure of someone and Grumpy has an M&M based fun fact.

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