Episode 5

Lippy makes an important announcement, more full English breakfast news, Friday 13th and Christmas music

2020, Episode 5   |   34 min

Lippy makes an important announcement, accompanied by a drum roll from Grumpy, his first public performance. We’ve has an email for a listener we’ve nicknamed “Davros” who goes through his perfect cooked breakfast, tossing out the beans and adding haggis. Whilst entertaining the suggestion that scrambled eggs should be stirred only in one direction, Grumpy reveals affection for a particular spatula.

We talk about Marks & Spencer’s new Christmas treat, congratulate a family member on qualifying as an Equine Sports Masseur, more Gordon Murray news, mention Grumpy’s drum teacher’s band’s new album and Grumpy make a startling revelation whilst waxing lyrical about Shazam. There is also news from the allotment and the sewing room, rounding off with a discussion about all things bamboo, including underpants.

The origin of why Friday 13th is unlucky proves hard to pin down, however if you are inviting 12 people to dinner make sure a 13th doesn’t appear. Lippy reveals that Italian composer Rossini was superstitious about Friday 13th and as it turns out right to be as he died 152 years today (13 November 2020). The fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskevidekatriaphobia, which neither Lippy nor Grumpy was brave enough to attempt to pronounce.

It turns out that Lippy’s least favourite Christmas song is Grumpy’s favourite, actually the only one he likes apart from classical carols. Undeterred we venture through a 1968 recording from Winchester Cathedral through to Slade’s Christmas anthem and the Slade are for life, not just Christmas Facebook page. We realise with horror that we can’t remember any other Slade records. Gulp! Lastly there’s the news that the IIS will be passing the UK on Christmas day at 0650.

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